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Pakistan customers visited Friend Company

   Friend Company relies on advanced technology and excellent quality of products, many domestic and foreign customers visited our company, and they established a good relationship of cooperation with us. This month, Friend Company ushered in a curious uncle,  a customer in Pakistan, he came to visit our factory.
   First of all, our staff lead the customer to the instrument display hall, introduced the company's oil analysis equipment, the Pakistan customer has a very strong interest in Friend equipment. When the engineer operating automatic viscosity tester, the customer have been all eyes watching technology engineers and paper notes every act and every move, and use the instrument, function, characteristics and maintenance etc., the instrument has the function of automatic cleaning module, automatic cleaning and drying of the viscosity tube. After the customer tried to operate the instrument in person, he was very satisfied with the function of FLD special infrared photoelectric detection and processing system, automatic discrimination the time, high precision detection results and so on. He believes that the Friend Co is a strength of the enterprise.

We have been adhering to the strategy of the development of customer alliance, and actively integrate the advantages and resources of the enterprise, the pursuit of excellence in product quality, to provide customers with more professional services!
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