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Hand in hand with the strategic partner of Egypt, serving the Middle East market

   Recently, Egyptian customers visited Friend Company, our staffs warmly entertained the customers. In order to customers fully understand the Friend Company, our staffs introduced our company's corporate culture, development history, project development and future planning to our customers.
Figure 1: Egyptian customers are very satisfied with the rich land and gave us theirs thumbs up.
Figure 2: our staffs are introducing our company to customers

   Then, we led customers to visit the office area and production line, technical engineer demonstrates automatic flash point tester, automatic viscosity tester, automatic acid number tester and other related equipment, the whole operation process at customer focus, our customer is absolutely satisfied with our product presentation. Technical engineer explained the equipment’s functions, characteristics and maintenance, etc.. The customer asked the relevant problems of automatic flash point apparatus, such as the function of automatic heating, automatic sweep fire, automatic identification results, automatic printout etc..
Figure 3: visit instruments
Figure 4: our technician introduce instrument to customers
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