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Friend Instrument Company’s technical seminar of the fifth generation octane analyzer

   April 23, 2015 at 9 am, Friend Instrument Company hosted the Friend Company’s fifth generation octane analyzer technology seminar in the Friend Instrument Company’s conference room. This meeting was attended by The Party committee chairman Rao Yan Yuelu, Nine three society Yuelu committee chairman Liu Shixiong, The Party of Yuelu branch chairman Teng Yun, Xiaoxiang chamber of commerce network Xu Le, The European Energy Research Institute expert Oleg octane, Sinopec Jianchang oil company Qu Ying, Huayuan energy company Liu Liping, Kinder Italian energy company Yang Banghua, High Energy Company Wang Li and so on.

   The meeting mainly discussed three parts: competition pattern and trend of the international oil analysis instruments Market, market demand and regional distribution of the test machine for octane number in the international market and performance comparison of Friend Company’s the fifth generation octane analyzer with the United States and Europe octane analyzer.

   The chief engineer of Friend Instrument Company review over the past decade octane bench test machine at home and abroad development, for octane number of bench test machine in the international market competition, he thinks this and China's domestic octane value the development degree of the bench test requirement for the detection of relevant, instrument development and supporting effective problem and basic models launch time is short. There are Friend instrument company launched the fifth generation of the octane value of the prospect of bench test machine, he thought at the level of product design, product automation operation has been better than the United States and Europe testing equipment, octane number bench test machine core technology violent shock sensor has been in the hands of the Chinese enterprises in the hands of the Friend Instrument Company of violent shock sensor can machine with the United States realize interchange), octane number of bench machine of various performance indicators and conditions and test results of repeatability completely meet the ASTM standard. He also pointed out that to increase the intensity of technology research and development in order to promote the development and growth of the Friend Instrument Company in the international market.
   Oleg engineers and other domestic experts in the field around the Friend instrument company's octane number tester operating conditions and testing indicators were detailed inquiry, operation, experiment, comparison. During the meeting, Mr. Oleg personally deployed a blind, to Friend instrument company's engineers to detect, detection results obtained by Mr. Oleg's praise. Mr. Oleg in practice, constantly compared with China, the United States and Europe equipment difference, he very pleasantly surprised see Friend instrument of octane value of bench testing machine with computer control technology, automatic adjustment of the compression ratio, all operating parameters on the screen at a glance, he excited said, currently in use in the United States and Europe's most advanced equipment, only to the development of the split type liquid crystal display.

   Subsequently, Friend instrument company chief engineer introduced Friend instruments for the automatic equipment, he introduced the automatic distillation analyzer, automatic viscosity tester, automatic pH value measuring instrument and sulfur content in petroleum products Determination of ultraviolet fluorescence instrument, automatic pour point tester, automatic Gasoline Oxidation Stability Tester, automatic high - temperature and high - shear tester, low temperature automatic Brinell viscosity determination instrument, such as a large number of independent intellectual property rights analysis device and Friend instrument development of broad prospects.

   At night, we watched the passionate art shows, dance, comedy, acrobatics and exciting program in the form of let foreign guests burst into laughter, Friend instrument company of the fifth generation octane bench test machine workshop in the sound of song and laughter in successfully concluded.

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