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[Friend international] Russian experts visit the Friend Instrument field competition data -- the Friend instrument to the world

   By the experiment on the Changsha Friend Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd. sponsored "Russian experts visit Friend field instrument competition data" theme activities, in Changsha Flanders Experiment Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd. held smoothly and successfully concluded.

   After a long time of communication and exchange, the precision of the automatic function and instrument detection of Friend instrument deeply attracted them, they expect more and more in-depth cooperation relationship. In order to better show the precision and accuracy of the instrument, reflecting the rich man's excellent product quality and professional quality, the Friend of the people invited to the elite of the Russian industry competition data field.

   Company leadership of the Russian experts visit Friend field instrument competition data "is very seriously, in order to cope with the Russian experts proposed detection index, company to adjust the production sequence and schedule, in Russian experts arrived at the scene before a week, a number of new equipment placed in the Friend of the third show.

   Continuously improve product quality, and strive to open up overseas markets, in the world to establish a national brand of Chinese analytical instruments, the Friend has been in action.
Friend instrument actively and steadily implement the "going out" strategy, through a variety of forms and different countries to promote the establishment of sales channels, to speed up the construction of the export of Friend instrument. The analysis of the trade in the field of testing instruments and high-tech products has not reached its proper scale, which has great potential for development. Friend instruments expect more international friends to communicate with each other and to understand each other. At the same time, it is also a better understanding of the needs of international friends, and constantly improve the quality and level of our analysis of the instrument, but also for the development of domestic scientific instrument to make more contributions.
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