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Hydraulic oil filterability tester

FDH-5901 Hydraulic oil filterability tester

Hydraulic oil filtration tester line with SH / T 0210, the determination of various types of petroleum-based and synthetic hydraulic oil filter.
1, hydraulic oil filter of the analyzer with integrated design, easy operation and maintenance.
2, hydraulic oil filtration tester uses PID temperature control temperature control system, temperature control and high precision, stable.
3, the hydraulic oil filter of the analyzer with automatic timing, when the alarm system.
4, hydraulic oil filter of the analyzer using imported compressor, low noise, mechanical failure rate.
Technical Parameters
1, cooling mode: compressor refrigeration
2, the heating method: heating tube
3, temperature control: Digital PID temperature controller
4, the temperature range: 0 ~ 60 ℃
5. Timing: Digital timer
6, Power supply: AC220v

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