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Crankcase simulation test analyzer

FDH-2701 Crankcase simulation test analyzer

This instrument is suitable for the evaluation of additives and additives containing engine oil thermal oxidation stability, it is the research work in the flat selection of detergents, antioxidant and oil compound formula of a simulation test method.
1, the instrument is composed of two parts: the control box and the host
2, the control box has two digital temperature control table, which control the temperature of oil tank and test board
3, digital temperature control table has a display intuitive, easy to operate and high precision temperature control features
4, the temperature control meter control the temperature of the oil tank and the test board through the heating plate
5, the time relay can timing and automatic control the motor start or turn off
6, the host part is made of stainless steel, with a simple shape, beautiful, corrosion-resistant features, the instrument easy to operate, reliable
7, the instrument can be used for two working conditions: coke or paint, a machine dual-use
Technical Parameters
1, power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
2, the input power: 1KW
3, temperature range: room temperature ~ 390 ℃
4, timing range: 0 to 99 hours

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